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Star the stylist is a 2nd generation hairstylist. Having started as a stylist herself on the side while in middle school she developed a passion for it. She later moved from Cleveland, OH to Atlanta, GA to pursue her dreams. It wasn't long before she developed a name for herself through personality & creative hairstyles.

Star has made a name for herself as a celebrity hairstylist and has also filmed on a BET reality show. She has serviced many people in the industry from Cardi B, King Von, Quincy Brown, Tanya (war and treaty), T-Pain, Young M.A., Sammie, and many more. Since 2000 star has travelled abroad to service people in the hair industry. She's worked with some of the top people in Africa and London and plans on making it her second home to provide her services.

To enhance her client’s experience she came up with Star’s Oil Drops to help clients maintain healthy hair with different styles. The oil idea stemmed from her experience with her son having alopecia. Doctor’s advised her he would be bald within one year. Star decided to take matters into her own hands. After conducting her own research, she created oil for her son which saved 90% of his hair. Once she introduced it to her clients, she received so much feedback about their amazing hair growth journey after daily use of her hair oil.

Star the stylist owns a full service salon in Smyrna, GA, and she also ships products and wigs daily.

Let Star Transform You Into The Star That You Are!

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